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Andrew is a respected and prolific speaker, delivering thought-provoking presentations to a variety of audiences. His experience spans from intimate local meetings and educational settings to national conventions. His speaking topics broadly encompass areas of digital communication, crisis, leadership, and politics.

Andrew's talks typically revolve around four main themes: understanding the challenges and opportunities of our digital era, especially concerning misinformation and information validity; nuclear security and rhetoric; and recounting personal experiences and insights from his political career, with a particular focus on young person engagement.

Andrew is well-versed in presenting complex ideas in a clear, engaging manner. His approachable style helps audiences navigate the evolving landscape of digital communication and leadership. By contextualizing his topics within historical and current socio-political trends, he offers a nuanced understanding of where we've been, where we are, and where we're heading.

Andrew's speaking engagements include keynote addresses for the Delaware County Democratic Party and Young Democrats conventions across Ohio, and The Ohio State University. His commitment to community engagement is evidenced by his efforts in organizing and moderating important forums on the opioid crisis and the Affordable Care Act. He has also spoken at high schools, instilling young minds with the principles of servant leadership and persuasive engagement in the digital age.

For those interested in inviting Andrew to speak at an event, please reach out directly. Andrew is enthusiastic about sharing his expertise and fostering discussions that stimulate thoughtful reflection and action.

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