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Post Ohio University plans

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The Master of Communication program at Ohio University has been an invaluable part of my journey toward advanced studies. It has equipped me with a robust set of skills and a profound understanding of the intricacies of communication, preparing me well for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in my academic journey.

My coursework began in the summer of 2021, where I dived into Crisis Communication through COMM 5011 and COMM 5320. These courses provided me with a deep understanding of crisis management and how to navigate the complex landscape of social analytics, especially during crisis situations. This foundational knowledge has sharpened my ability to effectively address and analyze crisis scenarios—a critical skill in leadership roles.

In the fall semester, my studies expanded through courses like Crisis Communication & Planning (COMM 5300) and Crisis Communication Strategy (COMM 5310). This allowed me to deepen my understanding of crisis management, a skill set that has broad implications in any leadership role. Simultaneously, I honed my research skills through COMM 6000, preparing me for the rigorous research requirements of a doctoral program.

My education continued to evolve in Spring 2022 with coursework in Short Form Video for Professional Communication (COMM 5510) and Motion Graphics Elements for Professional Communication (COMM 5520). These courses exposed me to the exciting potential of digital media in professional communication—an increasingly important aspect of contemporary leadership. I also completed Strategic Communication Fundamentals (COMM 5800), strengthening my skills in strategic planning and execution.

My journey culminated in the Summer of 2023 with the Graduate Capstone (COMM 6960). This comprehensive project encompassed all the skills and knowledge I have accumulated during my master's program, showcasing my ability to practically apply these skills—an essential competency for a doctoral program.


In recognition of my achievements, I am thrilled to share that I have committed to the Ed.D. in Interdisciplinary Leadership program at Creighton University. My Master's journey at Ohio University has been instrumental in this achievement. It has provided a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that not only expanded my understanding of communication but also equipped me with skills essential to succeed in any doctoral program.

As I look forward to the next chapter at Creighton University I am confident that the foundation established during my Master's program at Ohio University will serve me well. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to further deepen my knowledge and skills, as I work towards my goal of making a meaningful impact in the world of education and leadership.

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