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Before starting my MCOMM journey at Ohio University

My Story

My journey has been one that bridges the gap between education, work, and political service. After beginning my studies in Political Science at The Ohio State University in 2001, I found myself having to work full-time to support my personal financial needs. My undergraduate GPA suffered as a result, and I had to withdraw from the program for over a decade to support my family.

During this time, I ventured into various job roles that allowed me to further build my skill set. In October 2005, I began my journey in the field of communication at the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education as a Communications & Digital Coordinator. I then moved on to the Union County Probate and Juvenile Court in different roles, from Clerk to Court Investigator and Outreach Specialist.

In tandem with my professional career, I was actively involved in politics. In January 2002, I campaigned as a candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives. My political engagements also included roles such as the Vice President and Executive Director for the College Democrats at The Ohio State University. I continued my political career later on, managing a campaign and running as a candidate for the United States House of Representatives in the Ohio 4th Congressional District. In 2016, I was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease and thought that I would never have the chance to achieve my dream of graduating from college.

In the year 2020, with the support of my wife, I decided to return to my undergraduate studies. My experiences as a leader and mentor, my involvement in politics, and my professional background in communication all fueled my intellectual growth and aided my return as a student. In the same year, I also started my role as an Associate Director of Digital Media Evangelization at the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, before eventually becoming an Associate Director at the Catholic Conference of Ohio. I now serve as a Communications Specialist at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies at my alma mater, The Ohio State University.

Simultaneously, my journey as a volunteer never waned. I've been a part of planning committees, served as a head coach for mock trial teams, and have been actively involved in various roles within the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio.

My academic journey came full circle when I received my Bachelor's degree in Political Science with a minor in History from The Ohio State University in May 2020. Inspired by my transformative journey, I decided to apply for the Master of Communication program at Ohio University, despite doubts that an institution would give a chance to a non-traditional student like myself. I am grateful for the opportunity Ohio University provided, allowing me to further solidify my expertise and experience in communication.

Today, I am not only an active professional but also a proud member of several organizations including the American Historical Association, American Marketing Association, and American Political Science Association, among others.


Looking back, I am proud of the journey I've embarked on, filled with varied professional experiences, significant political involvement, and consistent volunteer work, all while overcoming personal and educational challenges. It's this journey that has equipped me to become a stronger student and professional, ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

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