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Bridging Practice & Research in Crisis Leadership

Throughout his professional journey, Andrew Mackey has been diligently bridging practice and research in the field of leadership and communications. With his ability to apply academic theories to real-world problems, Andrew is adept at synthesizing his practical experiences with his academic insights to handle challenging situations effectively.


His tenure in various leadership roles, particularly during crisis scenarios such as the COVID-19 pandemic and major socio-political events, has allowed him to conduct insightful research and develop informed strategies. By drawing on these experiences, Andrew enriches the discourse around crisis leadership, fostering a more profound understanding and contributing to developing robust, effective crisis management strategies.


Research Interests

Andrew's research focuses on crisis leadership and communications, with an emphasis on improving responses during high-stakes situations such as nuclear crises. He employs a multi-disciplinary approach to study political polarization and the strengthening of democratic norms, aiming to promote dialogue in polarized societies. Additionally, he uses historical analysis to explore leadership and the power of rhetoric in shaping global relations.


Meet Andrew

Andrew Mackey is a Master of Communications student at Ohio University's Scripps College of Communication. His thesis is titled "The Nuclear Exchange: A Comparative Analysis of Crisis Communication in the Russia-Ukraine War and Historical Nuclear Crises." He will graduate in the Summer of 2023.

His journey as a contemplative leader in action and first-generation college student is rooted in his lifelong commitment to social change. This commitment is reflected in his experiences within the halls of power. Andrew integrates these insights into a deep commitment to social justice, contributing to his interdisciplinary research. Continuously fostering dialogue on pressing societal issues, contributing to the academic community, and striving to make a lasting, positive difference, he embodies the spirit of a leader attuned to the movements of the world and driven to instigate meaningful change.

Before re-starting his academic journey in 2020, Andrew was deeply engaged in political life as a leader, organizer, and political communications specialist. His early dedication to public service was demonstrated when he ran for state representative at the age of 18, marking a significant personal milestone by casting his first-ever vote for himself. His organizational skills have won him awards from national organizations, and he has given many talks about his political experiences. This political advocacy and communications background has profoundly shaped Andrew's perspectives and continues to inform his academic work.

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